Aug 6, 2009

Thuggin It And Lovin It In BR.

this video is what i consider to be a hot mess. how bout we point some things out. first of all why say "mane" so many times? i mean dang!! can we use another word please? another thing is they wasted a bunch of bullets shooting in the sky. did anybody else notice that? and i wonder if they shot any birds while doing that. (hmmm..) anywho...why did that one dude have his dreads in three ponytails? he's real grown up. lmao! he was the same dude talkin bout "if i dnt have me guns on me, i got em on my chest." how in the world is that gonna help yu? i mean if yu can shoot bullets out yur nipples let me know superman. another thing that i noticed is that they were steady swinging their guns around. question: is that safe? answer: it cant be. they also had some gangsta white boys on the video too. (that it seems can shoot without blinking). and one dude had the nerve to have a BIG mardi gras chain on. t h u g g i n. and then it turned into the maury show. my nigga had his papers saying "blank blank is NOT the father." O M G. that's some shocking news. whoever accused him surely got put on blast. and then the port allen part. i used to live in port allen for like three years. i wouldn't say that they're thuggin it that hard. but anywho in the end; they all looked nice & stupid. yu agree? doesn't matter, cuz i think they do.