Sep 30, 2009

Some Kind of Wonderful!

my fellow bloggers!
i have made a few changes in my blog recently.
i've changed the name of my blog and the url.
it is now titled- T'Keyah; Your Sweetest Addiction
and my url is now-
(dont forget there are 2 N's in addictionn)

Sep 29, 2009

Eve; Back On The Scene!

E V E!

don't call it a comeback!
but  E V E is back!
she arrived at the
def jam anniversary looking
crazy; sexy; cool
woot! woot!
go eve, go eve, go eve....

You Tryna Look Me Up Just Surf Dot Com!

new boyz; dot com
myspace dot com;
facebook dot com;
twitter dot com;
hit me up, i don't care probably talking to your mom !

i like this track!
catchy; upbeat; the ishh!
the new boyz did their thizzle!

Becky, Becky She So Cool?; Becky, Becky Marry Me

becky; plies
you miss becky?
let P L I E S know.
who would've thought that this video
would come out?
let alone be made?
but we must all admit;
this song is one of our guilty pleasures.
yes girl, even you.

Since I Got Famous Bishh, I Got Money To Blow!

money to blow; birdman ft. drake & weezy
"he can't, they can't, and i can't blame 'em"- drizzy
how yu gon tell me this song
A I N ' T
the ishh?

Sep 21, 2009

Drake; So Far Gone.

drake's album;
the cover & the back.

1. Houstatlantavegas
2. Successful (feat. Lil Wayne and Trey Songz)
3. Best I Ever Had
4. Uptown (feat. Bun B and Lil Wayne)
5. I'm Goin' In (feat. Lil Wayne)
6. The Calm
7. Fear

and yes;

drake's ep album was released
on the same day as kid cudi's
(my hubby & my boo on the same day!)
september 14, 2009

Sep 18, 2009

Your Pants Aren't Even Tight Enough!; Kid Cudi Denfends Skinny Jeans.

my hubby kid cudi defending skinny jeans!
why should he have to though?
because i mean H E L L O;
haven't you gotten with the program people?
skinny jeans are wayyyy in!
instead of people saying "why are your pants so tight?"
they're saying "you're pants aren't even tight enough!"
if you still wear baggy clothes; jump.
lmao. just kidding.
but i do think you need to do some shopping though.

Miss Me Now She Wanna Kiss Me; Video People!!

cold flamez; miss me kiss me lick me
i been blastin this song since before summer '09
and they finally made a video!
this was like the first jerkin song in baton rouge
enjoy my fellow jerks!
(you're a jerk jerk jerk!)

Sep 15, 2009

Live! At The VMA's; Just A Few Choice Words

lady gaga;
love her music, but she's kinda psycho.
i even think she scared eminem.

looked good, performance was O K.

kanye and amber rose;
looked good together,
im not a fan of the catsuit though.
(maybe she should learn to control her man?)

oh and yes;
shakira and pink wore the same dress.
but shakira wore it first,
so pink should've went home and changed.
unless they planned it that way;
which i HIGHLY doubt.
jay-z and alicia key's performance;

H O T T N E S S.
kanye interrupting taylor swift;
excuse his rude ashhhh!
i mean DANG.

let the girl finish her speech at least.
janet jackson's performance;
NO ONE could have done it better of course.
the great micheal jackson is truely missed.
did anyone see lil wayne?
why didn't greenday perform 21 guns?
don't you think they should've let wale perform chillin?
what about 3OH!3?
do you think it could have been slightly better?

Kanye Apologize's About Taylor Swift Interruption

yes; he was wrong.
so it's a good thing he did this.
people would never get ovet it.

Sep 14, 2009

Kid Cudi Performs Pursuit Of Happiness Live On David Letterman

my hubby.
i love him <3.
enough said.
watch; listen; learn.

Sep 9, 2009

She Ain't Gon Tie The New Boyz Down; Nope!

the new boyz feat ray j; tie me down
this song be cute!
its not all jerk-ish like you probably thought it would be.
i know some people expected thier W H O L E cd to be that way.
even me; lmao.
they're basically sayin they're too young to be tied down.
how many agree?

Sep 7, 2009

Im My Own Sweet Dream <3.

sooo yea. is 2 am and i need to vent a little.
im single and guess what?
i finally realized im H A P P Y being by myself. i mean yea its good to have someone to share your love with;
but this feels so good to me right now.
can i say cloud nine?
no lie; it can get lonely. but i just remember; i can do wut i want whenever and with whoever i want.
(not that i'd really do anything any way; lol).
but i just wanted to put this down.
its okay to be by yourself :)

Sep 4, 2009

New Boyz Are "So Dope"

new boyz; so dope
this is their second single released.
i love em.
ben j(tall one) & legacy(bright one)
they really are D O P E.

Sep 3, 2009

Kourtney Kardasian's Baby Bump!

kourtney and kim kardashian baby shopping!
kourtney in a fitted shirt showing off her belly.
looks like kim is the mom to her little sister in this picture!

A Kid Named Cudi; Man On The Moon!

these are the covers for my hubby's new album;
Man On The Moon
it is to be released on september 15.
that just so happens to be the same day drizzy's album;
So Far Gone
is going to be dropped.
isnt all of this exciting?
V E R Y ! !

Sep 2, 2009

Trey Songz Is Ready!

Trey Songz; Ready Album

1. Panty Droppa-Intro
2. Neighbors Know My Name
3. I Invented Sex (feat. Drake)
4. I Need A Girl
5. One Love
6. Does He Do It
7. Say Aah (feat. Fabolous)
8. LOL:-) (feat. Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em)
9. Ready To Make Luv
10. Jupiter Love
11. Be Where You Are
12. Successful (feat. Drake)
13. Black Roses
14. Love Lost
15. Hollalude
16. Holla If You Need Me
17. Yo Side Of The Bed

Nicki Minaj and Drake's Magazine Covers.

//* nicki lewinski

drizzy <3

Sep 1, 2009

You Make Me Delirious S.Beezy!

delirious (remix); vistos bosses feat. soulja boy
i like this song.
its acutally pretty cute.
listen and like.

Hot Topics.

amber rose and nicki minaj.
hot together?
pretty much.