Aug 31, 2009

Nicki Minaj/Lewinski; The Baddest?

this here is the newest addition to yung money.
the girl that everyone loves to hate.
Miss. Nicki Minaj
she also goes by nicki lewinski or the mistress.
although alot of people may throw dirt on her name; i like her.
they say she's just a duplicate of lil'kim and trina,
but she really does have a stlye all her own.
i mean; h e l l o!
she's signed with yung money people!
where some of your favorite rappers reside.
i.e. lil wayne and drizzy drake.
i mean who doesnt listen to those two?
the girl can sing; the girl can rap; she looks good doing it.
isnt that what society wants?
what more can they ask from the girl?
but anyways,
if you haven't heard anything from miss minaj; step your game up.