Aug 15, 2009

I Think I Know Yur The One.

have yu ever felt like yu were just supposed to be with somebody? well i feel like that now. i like somebody and i think we're supposed to be together but there just seems to be too many obstacles (people, situations, words said). people always tell me "do wut makes yu happy." well at least my bestfriend dillon always tells me that. but im not thinkin about just me. im thinking about the people around me also. maybe thats the wrong thing to do. i should just do wut i want and forget about everybody else. i dont want to go in to something knowing theres a B I G chance i might get hurt. but i guess thats where risk taking comes in. i think im just scared to take risks. idk. ugh. this is killing me. im done. goodnight & goodluck my little loves.