Aug 31, 2009

He Just Wants To Be Successful; For Real This Time :)

this here is the W H O L E successful video.
i only gave you a preview last time.
it was to prepare you for the real!
ok, not really.
thats just all they had at the time; lol.
now enjoy!

Nicki Minaj/Lewinski; The Baddest?

this here is the newest addition to yung money.
the girl that everyone loves to hate.
Miss. Nicki Minaj
she also goes by nicki lewinski or the mistress.
although alot of people may throw dirt on her name; i like her.
they say she's just a duplicate of lil'kim and trina,
but she really does have a stlye all her own.
i mean; h e l l o!
she's signed with yung money people!
where some of your favorite rappers reside.
i.e. lil wayne and drizzy drake.
i mean who doesnt listen to those two?
the girl can sing; the girl can rap; she looks good doing it.
isnt that what society wants?
what more can they ask from the girl?
but anyways,
if you haven't heard anything from miss minaj; step your game up.

Aug 28, 2009

I Suppose; I Just Wanna Be Successful.

drake and trey songs; successful.
its just a 30 second preview.
i love this song.
it has soo much meaning & heart behind it.
this song is a killer.
love it?
yes i do.
(now im ready for the W H O L E video!)

Aug 27, 2009

Question Me?

i am so mad right now.
someone had the audacity to accuse me of messing around with their cousin while me and him were "conversating."
seriously? NO.
first of all his cousin has some weird nickname.
second of all i dont even know who his cousin is!
third, if i did know who he was and that he was your cousin
W H Y would i mess with him and you? hoebag? slutbag?
NOPE. not me. you got me messed up with one of your other girls.
and OH YEAH:
//*to find another just like me wont be easy baby.
remember that and im D O N E. :)

Drizzy; Hit His Dougie?

drizzy drake.
(my boo)
he hits 'em with the dougie at the university of rhode island.
i think there may have been some stanky leg in there too.
my baby boo say he can dance.
and yes; i agree.

Kid Cudi & Asher Roth; Freestylin With No Beat

this be my hubby (a kid named cudi)
& asher roth (who loves college)
take a listen.

Aug 24, 2009

Who Runs This Town? We Run This Town.

who runs this town?
look like its jay-z, rihanna, and kanyeezy.
great song.
rihanna was the best pick for the part.
question though:
which town do they run?

She's My Digital Girl.

this is my song!!
digtal girl (remix)
i've benn blastin this for about two months now
this is a great collabo btw.
jamie foxx, drizzy drake, the dream, and kanye west.
i love drake.
no more than kid cudi of course.<3
im just glad they finally made a video to it!
which should've included my hubby; kid cudi!

Karina Pasian Can SANG!! Yes?

this here is karina pasian.
she sings 16 @ war if you didnt know.
but shes a beast with her vocals!
she cant sing. she can sang.
this is her singing ave maria.
i love it!

Aug 15, 2009

I Think I Know Yur The One.

have yu ever felt like yu were just supposed to be with somebody? well i feel like that now. i like somebody and i think we're supposed to be together but there just seems to be too many obstacles (people, situations, words said). people always tell me "do wut makes yu happy." well at least my bestfriend dillon always tells me that. but im not thinkin about just me. im thinking about the people around me also. maybe thats the wrong thing to do. i should just do wut i want and forget about everybody else. i dont want to go in to something knowing theres a B I G chance i might get hurt. but i guess thats where risk taking comes in. i think im just scared to take risks. idk. ugh. this is killing me. im done. goodnight & goodluck my little loves.

Aug 10, 2009

School Again.

W H Y is everybody so excited about going bak to school? im a senior. im not excited. ill get excited when my heels start click-clacking across the stage to get my high school diploma. thats it. aint nuthin really new about school. a few different teachers. freshmen. a few different students. and maybe some new rules. wut is so fun about all that? nathan. (lmao.)
goodnight & goodluck my little loves.

Aug 7, 2009

My Summer Loves. <333

briez; me; kendallthese be my main bishhes.
briez(my sister]
kendall(my cuzzo]
we do/have done alot together.
and summer oh.nine is when it all began.
been scared.
partied hard.
gotten drunk.(_ugh]
gotten blazed.(_hmm]
made dumb jokes nobody else understood.
we're lame but people still love us.

I'm No Broken-Hearted Girl <3

broken-hearted girl by beyonce
i didnt even know this had a video
(until now that is)
but i love this song.
and yu should too.

New Men's Bathrooms. Yes?

isnt this every guys dream?

Aug 6, 2009

Thuggin It And Lovin It In BR.

this video is what i consider to be a hot mess. how bout we point some things out. first of all why say "mane" so many times? i mean dang!! can we use another word please? another thing is they wasted a bunch of bullets shooting in the sky. did anybody else notice that? and i wonder if they shot any birds while doing that. (hmmm..) anywho...why did that one dude have his dreads in three ponytails? he's real grown up. lmao! he was the same dude talkin bout "if i dnt have me guns on me, i got em on my chest." how in the world is that gonna help yu? i mean if yu can shoot bullets out yur nipples let me know superman. another thing that i noticed is that they were steady swinging their guns around. question: is that safe? answer: it cant be. they also had some gangsta white boys on the video too. (that it seems can shoot without blinking). and one dude had the nerve to have a BIG mardi gras chain on. t h u g g i n. and then it turned into the maury show. my nigga had his papers saying "blank blank is NOT the father." O M G. that's some shocking news. whoever accused him surely got put on blast. and then the port allen part. i used to live in port allen for like three years. i wouldn't say that they're thuggin it that hard. but anywho in the end; they all looked nice & stupid. yu agree? doesn't matter, cuz i think they do.

Myspace Much?

M Y S P A C E. everyone &their mother and father are on it. literally. finding somone who doesnt have a myspace i very rare; &i mean very. i have one and i love my myspace. i am wut yu may call a myspace addict and i can admit. many of us are myspace addicts. but we cant all admit it. the big question is: WHY IS MYSPACE SO ADDICTING?? hell i cant answer that question. but one thing i do know is that most of the time myspace is freakkin boring. i think that myspace is only fun in a few circumtances. one may be when alot of ppl are online. two may be when that person (if yu catch my drift] is online. other than than, 9 times out of 10, myspace is boring. another thing is that myspace is full of DRAMA. unneccessary drama at that. people have everything to say about other people and thier lives. that is only because they have no life. piece of advice: get a life of your own. please and thank you. but anywho, if yu can answer the big question (which is why is myspace so addicting; if yu forgot) please let me know.
goodnight &goodluck my little lovess.

This Be Loveee.<3

even though its 2:57 in the am,
i just wanted to let yall know.
this be the hubby.<3.
yes indeed it is the one and only
(kid cudi.]
a kid named cudi.
the man on the moon.
yea all that rite there.
i love him.

Aug 5, 2009

Hello My Little Lovesss.

hello my beautiful people!! i am back at it again. i had a blog once before, but i was NEVER on it. bad bad me. i was inspired to blog again by my crazi wonderful friend dj!! he started his blog recently &has been doing VERY yu should take a look at his blog &follow him @(]! so anywho here i go. i go by many names, but on this her blog i shall be called [t'keyah]. it is one of my middle names if yu must know.(yes, i have more than uno.) but anywho,lets move on to a little detail about me. well um i am at the age of seventeen. i droped on my head &into this world on june 27,1992. &ever since then i have been slowly but surely making my mark on this world. i am said to be mean. truth is: i am. but only when i want to be.i am really nice to;but when i want to be. ppl say i am both of those things. but i would like to think that i am just bipolar. point.blank.period. wanna get on my good side? give me food. lmao. im a fatty it is true. but enough about all this. as yu read my blogs, yu will start to notice tht i am V E R Y random &emotional. i have the tendency to be depressed or mad alot of the times. (its just the way i happen to be]. yu may also find yurself laughin at things i say; but usually im being very serious. i dont really think im funny. but other people find me freakkin hilarious at times. idk.and idc either. (lmao.] love me or hate me; take it or leave it. dont like it? stop reading then. i could really care less. but anywho...i think im done now. ill most likely post about something i find to be getting on my nerves that i need to get off my chest. umkay?? umkay. goodnight &goodluck my little loves.