Aug 5, 2009

Hello My Little Lovesss.

hello my beautiful people!! i am back at it again. i had a blog once before, but i was NEVER on it. bad bad me. i was inspired to blog again by my crazi wonderful friend dj!! he started his blog recently &has been doing VERY yu should take a look at his blog &follow him @(]! so anywho here i go. i go by many names, but on this her blog i shall be called [t'keyah]. it is one of my middle names if yu must know.(yes, i have more than uno.) but anywho,lets move on to a little detail about me. well um i am at the age of seventeen. i droped on my head &into this world on june 27,1992. &ever since then i have been slowly but surely making my mark on this world. i am said to be mean. truth is: i am. but only when i want to be.i am really nice to;but when i want to be. ppl say i am both of those things. but i would like to think that i am just bipolar. point.blank.period. wanna get on my good side? give me food. lmao. im a fatty it is true. but enough about all this. as yu read my blogs, yu will start to notice tht i am V E R Y random &emotional. i have the tendency to be depressed or mad alot of the times. (its just the way i happen to be]. yu may also find yurself laughin at things i say; but usually im being very serious. i dont really think im funny. but other people find me freakkin hilarious at times. idk.and idc either. (lmao.] love me or hate me; take it or leave it. dont like it? stop reading then. i could really care less. but anywho...i think im done now. ill most likely post about something i find to be getting on my nerves that i need to get off my chest. umkay?? umkay. goodnight &goodluck my little loves.