Aug 6, 2009

Myspace Much?

M Y S P A C E. everyone &their mother and father are on it. literally. finding somone who doesnt have a myspace i very rare; &i mean very. i have one and i love my myspace. i am wut yu may call a myspace addict and i can admit. many of us are myspace addicts. but we cant all admit it. the big question is: WHY IS MYSPACE SO ADDICTING?? hell i cant answer that question. but one thing i do know is that most of the time myspace is freakkin boring. i think that myspace is only fun in a few circumtances. one may be when alot of ppl are online. two may be when that person (if yu catch my drift] is online. other than than, 9 times out of 10, myspace is boring. another thing is that myspace is full of DRAMA. unneccessary drama at that. people have everything to say about other people and thier lives. that is only because they have no life. piece of advice: get a life of your own. please and thank you. but anywho, if yu can answer the big question (which is why is myspace so addicting; if yu forgot) please let me know.
goodnight &goodluck my little lovess.