Oct 29, 2009

The Explaination of "Harajuku Barbie"

"everyone wants to know what a harajuku barbie is...," she told hiphopstan...
nicki came up with the term through her admiration of the harajuku culture.
harajuku refers to the area around tokyo's harajuku station.
 it is the center of japan's most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles.
"i love the harajuku culture," says ms.minaj,
"...the way they dress, is the way i am on the inside.
free-spirited, girls that just wanna have fun, kick-ass...
 pop, rock-n-roll, whatever the f&ck you want to do, hip-hop.
that's how i feel, and that's what my music is gonna feel like, when i do my album."
;from HipHopStan.com on vimeo