Sep 15, 2009

Live! At The VMA's; Just A Few Choice Words

lady gaga;
love her music, but she's kinda psycho.
i even think she scared eminem.

looked good, performance was O K.

kanye and amber rose;
looked good together,
im not a fan of the catsuit though.
(maybe she should learn to control her man?)

oh and yes;
shakira and pink wore the same dress.
but shakira wore it first,
so pink should've went home and changed.
unless they planned it that way;
which i HIGHLY doubt.
jay-z and alicia key's performance;

H O T T N E S S.
kanye interrupting taylor swift;
excuse his rude ashhhh!
i mean DANG.

let the girl finish her speech at least.
janet jackson's performance;
NO ONE could have done it better of course.
the great micheal jackson is truely missed.
did anyone see lil wayne?
why didn't greenday perform 21 guns?
don't you think they should've let wale perform chillin?
what about 3OH!3?
do you think it could have been slightly better?